Fake Lawyers

Consumer lawyers are seeing a huge number of Buffalo, New York debt collectors pretending to be lawyers in order to threaten and harass debtors into paying bills.

This is a criminal offense in both Illinois and New York.

You can easily spot a criminal pretending to be a lawyer by his use of technical words you don't understand, fast talk, demands for immediate payment, references to judgments or lawsuits you never heard of, threats to garnish or take your car or home, and nonsense talk about "good faith" payments.

A real lawyer doesn't need to lie, bully, scare, or threaten a consumer to calmly and effectively explain the situation.

If you suspect the collector calling you isn't actually a lawyer, have a look at my Is He a Lawyer Page to do a quick search of the state in which he says he's located.  If he's not a lawyer, you may have claims against the collection agency.  At the very least you need to call the police in the jurisdiction in which you believe the agency to be and that state's Attorney General consumer protection bureau.  These agencies are notoriously sloppy in handling complaints of criminal misconduct like this.  It is only because of the sheer number of reports of this kind of conduct that criminal prosecutors even begin their investigations.  Make sure that your voice is heard.

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