You deserve to be treated with fairness, honesty, and dignity.

And when you're not, you deserve a remedy.  Welcome to the Shanfield Law Firm.  I am dedicated to getting consumers what they're entitled to by fighting back against unfair, deceptive, abusive, and predatory business practices.

As this country's economy suffers, crooked business people resort more and more to illegal methods of lining their pockets.  But the corporations already have the advantage: for years they have been working on strategies for evading consumer protection laws or even convincing the federal government to change them.

You need experienced help.

I promote justice for consumers by using my substantial legal experience to help people with some of the most important financial issues in their lives:

Debt collection harassment, auto purchases, sales of goods, credit and privacy issues, defense of collection suits in the Circuit Court of Cook County, consumer fraud and false advertising issues, and wage and employment issues.

I focus on assisting the working poor, the elderly, persons with disability, and anyone with a limited income who needs help with a crooked consumer financial transaction.  In many cases I may be able to represent a consumer without charging any upfront fee.

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Fax collection letters, loan documents, or other documentary evidence of illegal business activity to us at (312) 638-9136 or email to jason@shanfieldlawfirm.com.

The Shanfield Law Firm represents people in individual and class actions in several types of cases.  You understand that sending a fax or email to the Shanfield Law Firm, Ltd. does not contractually obligate our firm to represent you.  We can only serve as your attorney if both you and our firm agree, in writing, that we will do so.

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